Smart Investment
When Pulsar Venture decides to invest in start-up we assume that beyond money entrepreneur and his team expect more value from the financial partner then just a money.
Growth Consulting
Pulsar Venture team and experts with passion bring their expertise and experiences into start-up development and growth process both for economical result and entrepreneur’s team maturity.
Applied Networking
Pulsar Venture selects the events, internship and training courses most likely to improve our partners’ competences and to successful and sustainable growth for startups.
Pulsar Venture was founded in 2009 in Kazan (Russia). Institute of Innovative Development of Russian Federation RVC and IVF RT are one of shareholders of Pulsar Venture private company. Pulsar Venture business is split into two main units:
- investments and acceleration for technology start-ups;
- consulting, networking and advisory for the venture market infrastructure entities, including technology brokerage and scouting.
Pulsar Venture is an active player of the global venture capital market provides its services in cooperation with the its wide network of experts both in Russia and worldwide. Our professional team is accelerating the growth of new technological businesses and improve the development of venture infrastructure based on the clear understanding of business and society development trends. Pulsar Venture’s accelerating approach is based on the three pillars: Smart Investment, Growth Consulting and Applied Networking